Eterish Large Orthopedic Dog Bed for Medium, Large Dogs up to 75 lbs, 3 inches Thick Egg-Crate Foam Dog Bed with Removable Cover, Pet Bed Machine Washable, Grey



Welcome to Eterish, where every moment with family and pets is cherished. We unveil the wonders of Eterish’s Large Orthopedic Dog Bed, a fantastic haven of comfort for your furry friends. Available in a calming Grey color, this large orthopedic dog bed is designed with intelligence and care to offer a remarkable sleeping experience.

Characteristics of Eterish’s Orthopedic Dog Bed

Smart Design for Ultimate Comfort: The Perfect Haven for Your Pets

Eterish’s large orthopedic dog bed features a traditional flat mattress design, offering ample room for dogs to sprawl out in any sleeping position. This intelligent design makes it ideal for use in dog crates or as a personal space in any room at home, ensuring that your pets have their own wonderful and comfortable retreat.

Premium Materials for Long-Lasting Comfort: Luxurious Materials for Maximum Comfort

Crafted with soft-to-touch plush fleece on the top sleep surface and a slip-resistant bottom, the Eterish Orthopedic Dog Bed keeps your furry friends comfortable all day long. The durable Oxford fabric surrounding the bed ensures long-lasting comfort, making it an amazing investment in your pet’s well-being.

Orthopedic Support Foam for Joint and Muscle Relief: Support That Makes a Difference

The 3” thick egg-crate orthopedic support foam in this large dog bed distributes your dog’s weight evenly, helping relieve pressure on the joints, spine, and muscles. This incredible orthopedic support is particularly beneficial for older dogs or those needing extra support for a wonderful, pain-free rest.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: Hassle-Free Clean-Up for Busy Pet Parents

Accidents happen, but with the Eterish Orthopedic Dog Bed, there’s no need to worry about clean-up. The removable cover with a durable zipper makes cleaning hassle-free. For optimal results, machine wash or clean with a light vacuum to keep the bed in a wonderful and hygienic condition.

Product Details and Care Instructions: Size Matters – Tailored for Your Pet’s Comfort

Measuring 36 x 27 x 3”, this large orthopedic dog bed is recommended for dogs and pets up to 75 lbs. Upon opening the package, it’s suggested to allow the bed to expand for 48 hours to achieve its best status. Eterish is committed to providing you and your pets with a wonderful sleeping experience.

About Eterish: Cherishing Moments, Creating Eternities

Eterish believes in cherishing every moment with family and pets, creating an eternity of wonderful memories. The Eterish Orthopedic Dog Bed is a testament to their commitment to offering excellent solutions for the way you live with your family members.

Transform Your Dog’s Sleep Experience: Cloud-Like Comfort for Sweet Dreams

The traditional mattress design allows your dogs to stretch out with ease, while the 3” foam base with premium plush fleece sleep surface ensures cloud-like comfort for a restful night of sleep. The slip-resistant bottom prevents shifting, making it perfect for use on hardwood floors. The durability of the Oxford fabric ensures that this large orthopedic dog bed stands the test of time, providing a lovely space for your pets after long-term use.

Cherish Every Moment with Eterish

Give your furry best friend the sleep they deserve with the Eterish Orthopedic Dog Bed – a large, orthopedic wonder designed for optimal comfort and support. Let your dog settle down for a sweet dream-filled snooze on the cloud-like comfort of Eterish, because every moment with your pet is truly an eternity to be cherished.


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