Durable Art ECO Wood Dog House


  • Non Toxic materials
  • Easy and Fast Assembly
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Solid Fir Wood Construction
  • Naturally Weather-Resistant
  • Raised Floor to protect your pet
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The Wooden Arf  Dog House is a Real Home for your pet with its amazin features. We have think of everything that this house will face. It is made from Non-Toxic materials like Cunninghamia Lanceolata wood, commonly referred to as “White Cedar” or “Stained Whitewood”. This special wood is renowned for it’s strong fresh aroma, pest resistance, and appearance. This features Solid Fir Wood Construction which can be fast and easly assmbled for several minutes. One of the biggest advantages is that is Lightweight and Durable in combination Natural Weather-Resistant. This means that your dog will be happy for very long time if the house is in your yard. We have raised the floor to protect your beloved pet from water an different ground bugs. Internal dimensions indicate the habitable space for your pet, and are inclusive of the size of the interior floor space.

Choosing a Size Weight is the easiest factor in determining the appropriate dog house size, but factors such as breed traits and personality may also be factors. In general, dogs prefer domains that are slightly larger than their body and just large enough to lay down and turn around comfortably.

Extra Small House Dimensions

  • External: 22.25W x 22D x 22.75H inches
  • Internal: 17W x 16D x 17H inches
  • Door Opening: 7.75W x 10.25H inches
  • Pets up to 15 Lbs

Small House Dimensions

  • External: 27.25W x 20.75D x 29H inches
  • Internal: 20W x 15.25D x 23H inches
  • Door Opening: 8.25W x 13H inches
  • Pets up to 30 Lbs

Medium House Dimensions

  • External: 33.25W x 27.5D x 32H inches
  • Internal: 24.5W x 20D x 26.5H inches
  • Door Opening: 9.75W x 15.25H inches
  • Pets up to 50 Lbs


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