20 Pack Puppy Dog Chew Teething Toy Set, Large Variety




  • 【Affordable Dog Toys】 13 Pack Including—4*Dog Rope Toys,2*Dog Rubber Toys,2*Dog Chew Toys,2*Dog Plush Toys,2*Dog Bow Tie,1*Ball Toy.(Gift:7 Pack—1* Dog Flying Discs,1*Football,1*Basketball,1*Soccer,1*Hamburger,1*Meteor Ball,1*Dumbbell Toy,not suitable for chew toys,just the squeaky toys to make puppy have more fun )
  • 【Safe Marital For Pets】Made of High Quality durable Cotton,Rubber,Fabric.Safe for dogs.Non-toxic and environmentally friendly,Easy to clean
  • 【Dental Health】Bite-resistant:Help the dog clean and exercise the teeth,gum-massaging,reduce dental diseases and other diseases.
  • 【Perfect for Interaction】Suitable to play with in the yard, park, home or shore,You can use these toys to play games with your dog and training their reaction. Great for the Tug of War, Toss and Fetch Games,you can make more fun with your dogs.Meets different requirements for different age dogs,no fighting between the two or more dogs
  • 【Attention】:Bright colors,Colors vary,Color random delivery.Suitable for Puppy and Small dogs(such as poodle),let them play happy,Not For Very Sharp canine teeth dogs,but Rope ball can be suitable for many dogs.Please pay more attention when they are playing toys and do not let your dog swallow these toys,just be sure to throw away the damaged toys


13 Pack: 
4* Cotton Rope Toy(2*Knot,2*Hanging Ball)
1*Ball Toy(1* food dispensing ball,)
2*Rubber Toy(1*Five-pointed Star ,1*Circle Sun)
2*Chew Toy(1* Bone,Gearwheel Toy)
2* Plush Toy(1*Carton ,1*Carrot )
2*Bow Tie

Gift( 7 Pack):1*Football,1*Basketball,1*Soccer,1* Flying Discs,1*Hamburger,1*Meteor Ball,1*Dumbbell Toy

Dog Rope Toy( Cotton Rope)
Help the dog clean and grind the teeth,perfect for preventing gum disease.Great for the Tug of War, Toss and Fetch Games

Food Puzzle Ball(PVC)
1.Strange Sound: Non-squeeze sound,no battery,there is the magnetic field and ball, when the ball is rolling , the magnetic ball cutting magnetic lines to generate electricity.
2.Healthy Feeding:Put crushed dog food into the ball from the food hole.Show your pet the strange sound and the movement of food out of the rolling ball, when the pet knows that the ball will drop the food while rolling with sound, it will be of interest

Five-pointed Star,Circle Sun Toy(TPR)
Achieve the effect of molar teeth, Enhance the dog’s jaw muscle development

Dog Bone,Gearwheel Toy(Rubber)
Soft rubber,help clean and exercise the teeth,reduce dental diseases

Carton ,Carrot(Plush)
1.Built-in squeaker,draw the dog’s attention 2.Help dogs release anxiety, accompany them to sleep

Bow Tie(Polyester)
1.Adjustable neck girth,neck size 23-46cm
2.Just decorations,not collar.Perfect for wedding, holiday and party, make pets gentle and form

Flying Discs(Silica Gel)
1.Float on water
2.Designed for flight,training dog’s reaction and agility

Football,Basketball,Soccer,Hamburger ,Meteor Ball,Dumbbell Toy(Vinyl rubber)
The Squeaker can make sounds to attract the dog’s interest.Reduce its’ interest in furniture, make it fun to enjoy alone


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