Wooden Dog House with Balcony for Medium and Small Pups

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  • Raised panel floor keeps your dog dry.
  • Stable and Durable cellular structure of wood
  • Withstands humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Made from cedar and treated with natural color stains
  • Easy cleaning with removable roof and bottom panels
  • Easy assembly with included hardware and instructions

Our wooden dog house with balcony is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The house is specially designed for smaller dogs who are living in your home or yard. Constructed of kiln-dried wood treated with natural color stains to enhance its appearance and durability. The lower lounge area has a raised bottom to keep pets dry and features steps along the side of the house that lead to a rooftop balcony where your pet can sunbathe and play or guard the terrain.

The construction is lightweight, easy to handle and has a calming, natural scent. The pet house includes simple instructions for easily  and fast assemble. You can knock-down panels and a removable rooftop for easy cleaning. Intricately designed lattice fencing, natural scent of wood creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere, may be re-stained like any other wood.


1 review for Wooden Dog House with Balcony for Medium and Small Pups

  1. Lisa Wright

    This is an adorable little dog house! Its perfect for little pets under 10-12 pounds, the smaller the better. I bought this for my Yorkie and she plays on it all day and hides her toys inside, sits on top to watch her humans, looks out the window, brings her dog treats up to snack. I painted the trim white to give it a beach house look and put her initial on it. The stairs are a little narrow, so I put some anti-slip padding on them (the padding used inside kitchen cabinets). It took a few tries and some dog treats to train my little one how to use the stairs and the anti-slip padding helped her get up and down more easily. Now she zooms up and down without a problem. Its small enough to put indoors, but would probably work just as well outdoors. Its made from cedar and has a pleasant smell. If its to be used outdoors I would recommend some weather protectant for the wood.

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