Pet Control Harness for Dog & Cat Soft Mesh Walk Collar Safety Strap Vest


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Pet Harness Control Collar

This durable mesh pet harness is the number one choice in comfort and control for your pet. The lightweight, breathable, and padded material will satisfy your pet, whether they are walking down the street on a leash or freely running in the park. The adjustable straps allow for a comfortable custom-fit and provide more control than a traditional collar. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, you will be sure to find the perfect style for your pet. It’s highly likely that the other pets will be jealous, the other owners will swoon, and you will be beyond thrilled that you bought the absolute best pet harnesses on the market.

Product Features

  • MULTIPLE SIZES: SMALL 10-12″ Neck, 13-16″ Chest, 4-8 lb., MEDIUM 12-14″ Neck, 16-22″ Chest, 9-19 lb., LARGE 14-16″ Neck, 18-24″ Chest, 15-25 lb., EXTRA LARGE 15-16″ Neck, 21-28″ Chest, 25-35 lb.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS: Featuring Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Red, Pink, & Purple.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The pet control harness utilizes adjustable straps for a customized fit, which tailors the harness to each pet.
  • COMFORT: Made out of a durable padded lightweight mesh material, allowing for constant airflow, which results in a comfortable, happy pet.
  • EASY ON THE NECK: The harness is designed to reduce the tugging and pulling of traditional pet collars and decreases the strain that would normally be applied to the neck.


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