Pet Carrier Soft Sided / Dog Comfort Travel Tote Bag Airline Approved

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This Pet Carrier will give your pet first-class comfort as you both travel away from home. Specially constructed to create a safe and secure environment for your dog or cat, the Paws & Pals pet carrier is made for both your pet’s well being, and for your travel convenience. Includes a fleece travel bed that can be removed based on your pet’s desire. Available in 8 different colors. Approved for air travel on most airlines (please check with your airline before travel).


  • REMOVABLE FLEECE BED FOR ADDED COMFORT:  This cute Pet Carrier has the added benefit of including a washable travel pet bed, built specifically for the carriers shell. The removable pet bed is constructed of soft cushioned fleece and provides a warm and secure nesting place for your pet. The breathable fleece provides both warmth and softness for the journey and can be removed to serve as a pet bed once you reach your destination. Ideal for hotels, family visits, or overnight trips.
  • READY TO FLY: Compliant with most airlines (please check with your airline before flying). The unwind and bind feature allows owners access to their pets without the risk of escape.
  • COMFORT FOR YOUR PET: Made from durable and comfortable breathable materials for maximum airflow. Your pet will stay comfortable while you travel.
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE MATERIALS CREATE A COZY SECURE ENVIRONMENT:  Constructed soft breathable fabric, our pet carrier is durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of travel yet soft and inviting enough to provide a temporary home away from home for your pet. Ventilated screens allow for fresh air to flow in and through the carrier while letting your pet to see his or her outside environment.

19″ x 10″ x 13″ inches. For pets up to 22 pounds

Ventilated security screens are easy to clean and 100   % washable

2 reviews for Pet Carrier Soft Sided / Dog Comfort Travel Tote Bag Airline Approved

  1. Jan Mendil Poler

    I used it for a 1500 mile bus trip with my dog. The carrier was roomy enough for him to turn around in and rest in comfort without being cramped for space. The multiple entry/exit points were secure and gave easy access to my pet during stops. My dog weighs 18lbs and was a bit heavier than product allowed for. This caused some sagging while carrying. Overall this product is well made, affordable and served it’s purpose.

  2. Samantha and Mike

    Excellent small dog carrier, We were in a car wreck, rear-ended on the way to the vet’s office. My 8lb dog was buckled in, in his carrier and was completely unhurt. The small carrier had become a tight fit for my dog but had he been in a hard carrier, or one with more room to move, he could have been seriously hurt. My vet checked out my dog and explained the design of the carrier is to keep the animal secure & safe, and he recommended to keep using this carrier until my dog outgrew it. The carrier has seat belt loops, mesh windows on all sides, and a nice fleece pad for the bottom. Though mine didn’t come with a shoulder strap it does have a place for one. The zippers pulls also snap together to prevent the carrier from coming open/being opened from the inside.
    It literally saved my dog’s life!!!

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