Indoor & Outdoor Personalized Plastic Dog House, Letters Included

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  • Dog house snaps together easily
  • Roof is removable to allow for easy cleaning
  • Constructed of durable, weather-resistant resin
  • Designed for medium and large dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Built-in vents provide air circulation to keep your pet safe
  • Personalize the house with your dog’s name (letters included)!

Give your pet a cozy place to rest and get out of the weather with this Personalized Dog House. This light taupe dog house is made out of extremely durable, weatherproof resin materials and comes with a matching vinyl door to allow easy access for your dog. It features easy snap-together assembly, as well a stylish look that will coordinate with many home architectural styles. It comes with letters to spell out your dog’s name for a personalized touch. It also has a removable blue roof for easy cleaning and a crowned floor with a channel that helps to capture fluids and keep your pet clean and dry. This vinyl dog house can be staked to the ground and is equipped with vents that provide superior air circulation. This dog house is designed for outdoor use, but can be used inside as well.


  •  33″ x 38.5″ x 32″
  • Door opening of 11.75″ x 20.5″
  • Designed for canines up to 100 lbs

We are offering high standard dog houses, kennels and sheds, built from 1st-grade materials. We want to provide pets with a sense of security and protection from various weather conditions build. We also want to help with the fight for a better planet, so here you can find eco-friendly houses built from sustainable materials.

We’ve made a selection of the best dog houses to make you and your pet happier than before. You can use our houses anywhere you like: in the house, in the garden, on the porch or out in the open, in a big open yard or in a shed. Wherever you want.

Whether your dog loves to spend time outdoors or prefers the coziness of home, they’re sure to love a personal house that feels sheltered and comfortable. With the dog houses on our list, you can give your pup the sense of privacy and space they need to relax. Keep your doggy protected from the sun in the hot seasons or nice and warm when it’s cold with a doghouse just for them.

Outdoorsy dogs need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Don’t let the weather keep your dog inside where they might get sad and lethargic, but rather provide a shelter for them, their own personal haven.

We have a wide range of houses with a protective coating, raised floors, and slanted asphalt roofs, so your dog stays protected from the elements all year-round. Their durable build features solid wood and stainless-steel hardware to keep up with more active or destructive breeds of dogs.
Keep your pup comfortable and shielded from the rain, sun, or heat with our durable and cozy houses. Their quick-snap latches make assembly easy so your pooch can start enjoying their new outdoor or indoor house within 15 minutes!

Dog houses are a classic accessory for all pet owners. Whether you place them indoors, outside, or both, these dog essentials keep your pup comfy and happy no matter what. With the items on our list, your pooch will enjoy their own personal space where they can relax and have time for themselves.
Let’s take a look at our favorites.

6 reviews for Indoor & Outdoor Personalized Plastic Dog House, Letters Included

  1. CJ

    Got this dog house a few days ago. It is ok plastic but after putting together which took about 10 minutes (Very easy with no extra tools or pieces) it holds up quite well surprisingly. I have a 75lb Pitbull and it seems perfectly sized for him or any dog smaller. I wouldn’t say a 100lb dog would really enjoy this and might not be able to even fit through the door. Also if your dog is destructive or tends to tear apart their houses I don’t think this will hold up. If your dog is calm or older like my dog then you shouldn’t have any problems. I haven’t had a chance to test how it holds up against thunderstorms or powerful wind currents but it seems as if as long as it is on a stable base (Like bricks or pavement or something) it will hold up well. There is ventilation throughout the roof connections and through the vents on the front and back. For places out there that get really cold (Below 40) it does not seem that ideal but here in Houston, Texas where it can reach 115 degrees + 100% humidity in the summer it is very important for me . All in all it’s worth the money I’d say and my dog enjoys it very much. The letters took a bit longer to arrive surprisingly and he was anonymous for a while.

    UPDATE 9/17/2018

    The house has been through some nasty weather, particularly heavy rain, hot weather, and 100% humidity and is still standing. No leaks, or broken pieces. Door flaps still work. I’d like to say however that the house is really light and your dog can most likely push it around with effort which can be annoying. Also, I’d like to mention that I keep this house under a porch, which can get hit by rain pretty hard but not nearly as bad as if it was fully exposed in a yard. That being said, if you’re looking for a cheap large dog house that can be set under a roof or in a place where it will not be in direct contact with harsh weather than it’s still the best option.

    UPDATE 9/19/2020

    Still standing strong and is just as clean as the day I got it. Although, as I suspected, while the house is great for keeping cool in the summer, it is not ideal in the winter time. I ended up buying a really awesome insulated tent for my dog and tricked it out for those few cold winter days in Texas.

  2. Claire Lee

    So I got this, for a stray I took home a couple of weeks ago. Catahoula and (assuming) lab mix – she’s 30 pounds right now and about 7-9 months old I’m guessing. I received it yesterday and put it together today. I wanted a friend to help me put it together but couldn’t wait so tried myself. I did it! Not that hard at all! It’s quite spaceous! I could fit myself actually 😂😂 Satisfied at this time despite issue with door flaps attachment. Will update over time.

    2 years later still fine! 😂 I unfortunately took in a stray and her puppy for a few days to find them a home And she chewed the entrance frame a bit 😢 upsetting but the house is still in good shape other than that.

  3. Brad Nelson

    Easy to put together. Keeps my dog out of the wind and looks good. Looks flimsy at first, but after it’s put together it becomes really sturdy with good structural integrity. Big enough for large dogs like malamutes (I have a 90 pound malamute) or a large German shepherd. The personalization aspect is also a nice touch.

  4. Tiffany Doyle

    Super easy to take it apart and put together – no tools needed. Just a word of advice I built it while inside my house then realized it would not fit through the door 😀 and had to take it apart — so build outside 🙂 It literally takes 15 minutes to put together. LOVE IT.

  5. Mary Ann

    Really impressed with the quality, especially for the price.
    It took me 15-20 minutes to snap it all together, on my own (make sure all the snap fittings do click into place, some are a bit tricky).
    It can get over 100°F here in mid-summer so I chose this one for having the cross vents at the apex, and I have not yet installed the doors (maybe in winter).
    It’s been well used by our dog so far. It’s situated on the north side of the house (shaded from the worst of the sun) and the door faces east (our prevailing wind and rain is usually from the north).
    It does still get a bit hot inside (it is a plastic box after all) but it has stayed nice and dry. Our dog will use it to hide from the rain, and in the early morning or later afternoon/ evening, but she still likes to dig into the cool dirt when it’s really hot.
    Overall it seems good quality, quite rigid and durable. The base is a bit flexible but we had ours on a doggie deck so no problems.

  6. samadi

    So far, this dog house is wonderful! Super easy to put together (I did it by myself). Seems to be pretty resilient to weather, even to some flooding and high winds. I am not using this in its conventional way, this is actually a house for my two Pekin Ducks.

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