Insulated Plastic Dog House with Heater, Large

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  • Heating pad and cover included
  • Easy pass-through self-closing door
  • Up to 4″of real foam insulation in each panel
  • Pets can choose to rest on the heater or off of it
  • Heater has a built-in thermostat and electrical fuse
  • The house provides pets with protection from the elements

Pets will enjoy relaxing in this Dog Palace Dog House with Heater. This deluxe dog house features real EPS foam insulation in the walls and ceiling and a self-closing door to provide significant protection against the elements. The insulated dog house lower door panel has a window so pets can see out while resting comfortably as well. Self-storing window panels easily reposition from a closed position for added convenience. This plastic dog house is easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere in the yard. It can be moved from one area to another when necessary. This Dog Palace Dog House with Heater will keep furry friends from getting too cold in cool weather months. They can go in and out as they please to get toasty warm and they can choose whether to relax on the heater or off of it.


  • Door Opening Dimensions: 18″H x 15.5″W
  • Outside Dimensions: 38.5″H x 31.5″W x 47.5″L
  • Inside Dimensions: 30.5″H x 24″W x 35.5″L

6 reviews for Insulated Plastic Dog House with Heater, Large

  1. Fred & gang

    We purchased this dog house a little late in the winter season to truly experience its insulated qualities. Our dog has only used it on really cold nights and we haven’t had many of those, however, the construction seems to be top notch. It’s only been a month perhaps so maybe later I can provide a better review. I will say, though, that I did extensive online research and for the money I don’t think you can get a better dog house.

    Update: 12/18/2019 The house has held up great. There are no noticeable issues or any wearing out of the material and it’s still the nice warm safe haven that it was 3 years ago.

  2. Lawrence Lhulier

    I bought this for my two small dogs that are outside during the day while we are at work. This dog house is very durable, very big (plenty of room for two small dogs) and is actually very warm. I was concerned since it only had a small floor heater but I actually reached inside one day and it was warm but not hot. The instructions talk about training your dog on entering the dog house. I basically placed my dogs in (with the door installed) and showed them twice.

  3. Jeff D

    We have one of these for about 5 years for our English Bulldog and we just purchased another on for our puppy now. It’s so nice to have a doghouse that we don’t need to worry if they are warm or not!! It works greats and so does the heat mat! It is a great doghouse to buy!!!

  4. Leigha Horton

    When I’m at work during cold weather, I will not worry about my dog being outside now. That’s worth the money I paid for this doghouse! I’m still getting him use to the door and have been putting his favorite treat inside to get him to go in and out! His house before was an igloo with a plastic flap, this palace has a better door that will keep cold air out better! Overall it’s a much better doghouse!

  5. Patricia

    Wonderful! Throw some training treats in to lure the puppy in a few times a day. Stick your head in while he is inside for a few minutes. Let him get comfortable. Sit, lay down. Let him out. The next day he was going in and out of the dog palace all by himself! Maybe next week I will put the bottom of the door on and let him practice pushing it in and out. Love that he will be safe from the elements now.

  6. Yadira Aguayo

    Ordered online, the unit was delivered in a few days, took about 20 minutes to assemble very easy step by step instructions. The heating pad works VERY well too. Our German Shepard started using it on day two. Now she can patrol the yard all day long and find a nice warm cozy place for a nap.

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