Durable All-Weather Fir Wood Dog House for Small, Medium Dogs

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  • Country Side Design
  • Weight Capacity: 132 lbs.
  • Easy to clean roof that lifts
  • Made from Fir wood and asphalt roof
  • Perfect place for a variety of different pets

This pet house it the perfect place for a variety of different pets, including Dachshunds, Miniature Poodles, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkies. Made of 100% fir wood with a slanted asphalt roof that allows rainwater to run down, and an elevated bottom to prevent rot and promote pet hygiene, keeping bugs and dirt from collecting inside.

This charming home is fit for a diva pet. Durably built to last outdoors or to be set up indoors and look lovely in any room.Open lid with locking hinges makes it easy to reach inside for maintenance. Slide out the divider to ensure your pets’ home is as squeaky-clean as yours. Your furry friend can enjoy lounging and napping in the perfect shady spot in this endearing design that resembles a modern home, complete with a window to peek through


  • Roof Lifts
  • Easy to Clean
  • Perfect for small Pets
  • Amazing Home Layout
  • Indoor and Outdoor usage
  • Build from Quality Materials


5 reviews for Durable All-Weather Fir Wood Dog House for Small, Medium Dogs

  1. Carolyne

    Nice little house, portable, easy for 1 person to assemble. I bought this to convert to a chicken tractor. It seems to be holding up pretty well. If you have a small dog, it would work well for a place for them to hang out in the yard. We put 4 little silkie chickens in it with an attached wire run and they are comfortable and it is easy to move.

  2. Christie M

    Perfect house for small animals! We bought this as a little house for our two ducks and they love it. They just recently got big enough to stay outside and love their new home. One prefers being in the actual house while the other likes hanging out on the porch. It’s low enough that they can hop right up without needing a ramp which is exactly what I was hoping for. It’s perfect for them and I’d absolutely recommend it if you’re looking for a duck house or small dog house! Assembly was no problem at all and everything arrived in perfect condition

  3. Lucianna Sanchez

    Perfect fit for a Chihuahua and can be painted. Such an adorable house! Our chihuahua loves it. My daughter hated the red color so we decided to paint it and buy some wooded letters from the dollar store to put our chihuahua’s name on the house. The house is made out of pine wood so it was easy to paint no sanding down required. It was fairly easy to assemble the only flaw is that the parts are not labeled clearly on the parts themselves and in the instruction booklet. Other than that we love the house it’s perfect for out chiwinne she is chihuahua mixed with Datsun so she is a bit long she is about 16″ long and anout 8″ tall (head to front paws) she weighs about 9 or 10lbs. She’s a small dog and fits perfectly in the house and has plenty of room. For winter we might add a piece of carpet because the floor boards has small gaps and the house does not sit on the ground. But for summer it’s perfect the air circulates through the gaps. Just love it! I would buy another one if I had another chihuahua 😂

  4. Angela Christie

    Easy to assemble: pre-made parts you bolt together. Husband got it dont pretty fast.
    Size: I have a 14lb tall daschund mix. She fits perfect inside plus her food and water on her new porch!
    Inside: blocks wind, heat and rain providing a safe comfy place to relax.
    Outside: sweet little covered porch so when the sun hits right… she can enjoy the rays!

    I plan to paint the red to match my home colors.

  5. Albert P

    It is for a small dog. With that said, my Chihuahua jumped in as soon as we put it together. What more can I say, the customer loved it.

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